“Honeymoon trip” campaign

Client: Air France
PROJECT: Organization of a promotional campaign via Facebook

The image-building SMM campaign Honeymoon trip has been initiated to expand Air France’s target audience by encouraging people to travel in the second honeymoon. It also aimed to create an additional platform for communication with potential customers and improve brand awareness.

Insight. By studying the target audience of Air France – and this is basically a wealthy family, we found an interesting pattern: many families had formed at a young age, long before a new family succeeded. In the younger years all the problems were being solved – housing, children, never enough personal time. The idea came to us – somebody had no any honeymoon, or not the dreamed one. So why not to go to the “Second Honeymoon” now to enjoy life and fill all the gaps of the past?

Tools. To communicate this idea, the facebook HoneyMoonTrip page and the honeymoontrip.com.ua website containing interesting articles about popular Air France destinations were created, as well as ROMANTIC BOOK – a book of real love stories that everyone could add to their story.

Results. From the first days of the launch of the campaign, we realized that the topics that we raised on the page have a live interest and a response in our audience. Certain posts compiled hundreds of comments and thousands of interactions. And we were especially pleased with comments like “Finally, at least someone is doing something for people aged!” Less than a month before the group joined about 1.5 thousand interesting people who took an active part in the topics that went up the page. The main thing is that we have succeeded in telling interesting stories about cities, touching and valuable to the family life of a love story; humor – is the happiness and pleasure of memories and the joy of the other followers of the HoneyMoonTrip page and potential loyal customers of the Air France.

“Honeymoon trip” campaign