Creative approach and mastery of the designer

New functional solutions in packaging design

That’s what attracts the eye and makes you want to carry the product to your home.

Bright Vitamins for Children Vitaminus Box


Fox in Sox, Россия.

Homemade cookies Telma’s Treats

Saturday Manufacturing, США.

Delivered hot in boxes in the form of an old plate.


Eau de Toilette BARB

Behanse, Russia.


Camera Leica

Geometry Global, Germany.


Electrical goods Geniled

DOIT, Ekaterinburg.


Perfume Etnia

Lavernia & Cienfuegos, Spain.

On the reverse side of the label is printed the map of the most fashionable district of one of the six cities of Valencia. Glass works as an excellent magnifier.

Toys for animals

Concept from Yuelan Lew, Belgium.


Lemon-flavored drink

The concept of laconic design from Alexander Pavlov.


Мескаль Viejo Indecente

YuJo! Creatividad Aplicada, Mexico.

The main symbol of the brand is the eye that follows you from the well.


Maple syrup SKU

Amy Robotay, Canada.


Superheroes Red Bull

Diego Fonseca, USA.


Dairy Lactika

Open Studio by K, United Kingdom.

Vacuum packaging of dairy products, beating space, Milky Way and consonance with the word “galaxy”.


Wine Your Move Winery

Samantha Price, Canada.

Waterproof Players Walkman

Agency DraftFCB.

To raise the sales level of waterproof Walkman players, the creators put them in bottles of water: in this form they are now successfully sold in vending machines of swimming pools and gyms.

Manure Real shit

Alan Dindo, Federico Lodolini, Riccardo Mercati, Italy.

The company, which produces goods under the brand name Real shit, not only openly declares that it sells manure, but is also proud of it. Real Shit is sold in sealed jars that retain all the properties of fresh manure.


Sake Geisha

Andres Rios, USA.


Chocolate Kalev

Kalev, Estonia.

Limited version of chocolate in support of traditional Song Festival and Dance Festival.

Almond 23 a Day

Edmundson Martin, USA.

The daily norm of almonds in a convenient package.


Products for Vegetarians Vegetal Gourmand

Vegetal Gourmand, France.

Beer High Seas

Brennan Gleason, Canada.

A souvenir set of four bottles of beer, which designer Brennan Gleason cooks at home brewery along with his fellow marine lover.


Juice Birdy

Концепт от Mats Ottdal, Norway.

Before the box from under the drink goes to the garbage, it can serve as a toy for the child for whom organic juice is created.