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Spring postcard for all-time favorites

In the run-up to the main spring holiday, LIBERTY Communications makes the best of way to congratulate all women all around the world! There are good reasons why March the 8th is an international women day! 


Happy Saint Valentine's Day

Dear friends!

The day when sun shines brighter is near at hand!

Birds sing remarkably melodious!

Even unipolar parts of a magnet are attracted to one another!



Happy New Year 2014!

Liberty Communications, congratulates you with the upcoming holidays!

Let the incoming year - "The year of blue horse" bring deep insights and speedy rises to you and your business!

Happy New Year! 


We are 6 years old!

Today creative advertising agency Liberty Communications is celebrating its birthday. We are six years old.

Six years is not much and not enough. Six - the number of faces of a cube.Tchaikovsky wrote six complete symphonies. Bach wrote six Brandenburg concertos. On the Earth is six continents. Six days a week we are working to get the result, dreamed of by our clients. And of course, we all have this sixth sense.

Reaching very conscious age, we strive forward and fly to meet new projects. We love our customers and they they respond to us consistency! We inspire ideas and they are flying high, bringing success to our clients and making the world more beautiful!


Calendar 2012 for IBG "Kovalskaya"


Industrial and Building Group Kovalskaya involved in the construction of most of the objects of our country. The basis of the idea of calendar 2012 was the participation of groups in the construction of the National sports complex "Olympic" for the European Football Championship "Euro-2012".

" Building a football country " - a motto of the calendar year 2012.

On the calendar pages you can learn interesting details about the best stadiums of the world, to see the construction of the stadium and other useful and interesting information.