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Who we are

Liberty Communications
Creative advertising agency

 Рекламное агентство Liberty Communications. Команда агентства.

Full service creative advertising agency (Kiev, Ukraine).

Liberty Communications is a creative advertising agency operating in the Ukrainian market since 2006 and specializes in creating outstanding designs for advertising and corporate materials, directing and animating videos with any budget, developing Internet projects (web design, website development, CMS web programming , optimization and promotion of websites - SEO), producing POS materials, and executing complex TTL = ATL + BTL advertising campaigns.

We help to develop socially significant projects by creating and carrying out successful advertising campaigns. We support companies that promote the  growth of the population’s spiritual and cultural levels.

Every day our company’s employees perfect their skills and use innovative approaches in developing and managing the company. We try to make our services  exceed customer expectations.  We don't just  provide joyful experiences,  we  create a positive  social effect on the environment.

Through highly appreciating and valuing the contributions  from each expert of  our company, and understanding that a strong team is only possible with strong players, we teach our employees to realize and mazimize their potential.



Our specializations:

  • Carrying out complex ATL / BTL advertising campaigns
  • Brand & trademark creation / Rebranding
  • Effective advertising creation
  • Brand book creation
  • Graphic design, DTP
  • Internet projects creation
  • Flash animation


Why you should work with “Liberty Communications” creative agency:

  • We are a young and skilled team that progresses every day (therefore you receive more than expected)
  • A pleasant parity of price and quality for the client (Our agency creates products of a network agency level  using mean market prices)
  • Fast reaction (We react fast and are always interested in new orders)
  • Budget utilization (We work both with large and small budgets making the most of every dollar spent)


Our mission

 We believe that in a few years, Ukraine  will become a more civilized and developed country.The  standard of living will increase significantly,  and   higher levels of technology will be used in the administration of our country. In the context of an economical rise, the political differences will fade into the background, or even disappear,  and the most important thing for everyone will be the individual  and its LIBERTY;  economical and social liberty, freedom of thought, and of course, the freedom of choice.


We aim to make  a contribution toward Ukraine’s progress by helping to develop socially conscious and significant companies  through carrying out successful advertising campaigns for them. Everyday we perfect our skills and use advanced methods in managing and developing the company. We strive for our services to exceed  our clients' expectations and not only give them joyful feelings, but also have a positive social effect on the world around them. Being aware of our responsibility for  our country’s future, we take an active part in social projects and support charity organizations.


We highly appreciate the contribution of each expert and understand that a strong team is only possible with strong players. We train our employees and inspire them to use 100% of their potential.. We will continue to create  an atmosphere in our company  in which each participant can   push and develop themselves, their skills and their talents.


We love our job and get satisfaction   from our clients' success, the profit is just one of the forms of appreciation.


Liberty Communications advertising agency will continue to develop the Ukrainian business market and lead it to the top of the world market.