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Promotion for "Quelle" in Kiev malls

Review: A clothing store collects contacts in POS's.


In 3 days the promo equipment, casting and logistics were ready. It was a pleasure for the visitors to give their contacts to these nice girls.

Place: Kiev



Promotion for "Akcya" TM

Review: The new ready-witted food is the leader

Promotional campaign for Action TM


In Kiev’s retails customers got to know a new brand with the lowest price level.

The goal was to create a rush by at the shelves with the production. The result was a sale of 400%.

Place: Kiev



Promo action for "3 Medvedya" TM

Conduct promotions for TM 3 Bears

Review: Sales increase in POS. Every participant received a present.

Description: Action with getting housewives known with the benefits of the TM. The point was that the clients of the POS were people from suburbs and the marketing rule “80 to 20” says that the 20% are everyday consumers. Due to the statistics it was decided to create an address program of the POS where the promoters made a 100% contact with the TA. The effect was received as “X max” where “X” is the variable effect of the action, “Y” – the budget.

Place: Kiev



New Year 2009 party in "Patipa" night club with the "www.delfi.ua" internet-portal

Организация вечеринки на Новый 2009 год в ночном клубе «Патипа» с Интернет-порталом «www.delfi.ua»

Debates between the gurus of the "night life entertainment" are senseless after the 2008 New Year's Eve in "Patipa". "Patipa" won the 3rd time in the nomination "Brand of the year", and the "Delfi New Year party", which has been organized by "Liberty Communications" has exceeded the attendance for 80%.